The sixth edition of the CV VC Top 50 Report has been released on the 3th of March. At the beginning of the Corona crisis observers feared that the thriving, world-leading blockchain ecosystem could become a “Death Valley.” As the latest CV VC Top 50 Report shows, those predictions did not come to pass.

Overview of the Blockchain Hotspots in Crypto Valley

The latest figures, which cover the period from the beginning of July 2020 to the end of February 2021, show striking growth. After one year of Corona, it is clear that Crypto Valley is in robust, mature shape and on solid footing with positive conditions for further growth.

· The number of companies specializing in blockchain in Switzerland and Liechtenstein increased from 919 to 960 from July 2020 to February 2021 (+4.4%).
· 5,184 people are employed in Crypto Valley (+8.5%).
· The market valuation of the 50 largest companies has increased from $37.5 billion to $254.9 billion (680% growth).
· Crypto Valley…

The Swiss Blockchain Federation has launched the NTN Innovation Booster — Blockchain Nation Switzerland. The multi-year program is co-funded by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, and aims to support the creation of concrete ideas and startups. It comes at a time where a new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) regulation is implemented in Switzerland, positioning the country at the forefront globally in this emerging industry. CV VC is proud to be one of five consortium partners of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

Across four stages, the NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland now allows for the support of projects imagining novel and scalable use cases of Blockchain technology at a grassroots level. The Swiss Blockchain Federation serves as the leading house of this project, working closely with several consortium partners in realizing such a groundbreaking program. CV VC is one of five consortium partner. In particular, the goal of this Innobooster is to connect larger firms and incumbent Blockchain companies with startups and innovators to develop promising prototypes and business models.

In its approach, the Swiss Blockchain Federation emphasizes an inclusive…

CV VC strengthens its Advisory Board with two top-tier personalities: Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), and Jan Werner, Entrepreneur, Investor and former CFO of Team Marketing, UEFA’s exclusive commercial partner for the Champions League. Together with its Advisory Board, CV VC works to drive internationalization and expands its global network.

New Advisory Board Members: Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Jan Werner

Ralf Glabischnig, founder and Board Member of CV VC says: “With Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Jan Werner, our Advisory Board is growing by two additional high-profile members who will actively support us with their expertise and experience as we chart our course of growth and internationalization, which I am very happy about.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Ahmed Bin Sulayem currently serves as Chairman of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) and the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX). He has broad experience in the commodities sector and in-depth knowledge of the MENA region. In his role as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai…

Johann Schneider-Ammann, Former Federal Councilor and member of the Board of Directors of CV VC

This article originally appeared in Neue Zürcher Zeitung on February 8th, 2021.

Three years ago, I spoke of the “Crypto Nation Switzerland” at the opening of the international Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz. At the time, my words were very well received by those in the audience, but less so in the media and among my colleagues on the Federal Council. Even the US State Department issued a rebuke. In fact, however, Switzerland has established itself as one of the leading blockchain nations in the world within a very short amount of time, and has forged some of the…

Philipp Rösler, President of the CV VC Advisory Board, opines on Asia’s awakening, the potential of new technologies and the opportunities for Blockchain Nation Switzerland.

Philipp Rösler, President of the CV VC Advisory Board

Eight years ago, former US President Barack Obama recognized the importance of Asia for the world (“Pivot to Asia”). Under Donald Trump, however, the fronts have hardened. Why?

Companies in the West have known for a long time that Asia is catching up enormously in economic terms. What was once the workbench of the world has become a dynamic innovation area, a global economic power. However, politically, the West has yet to turn its attention to Asia. One of the reasons for this is the China confrontation, which was shaped by Trump and has led to economic and technological blockades. Turning toward Asia…

The portfolio of the Swiss Venture Capitalist CV VC has become an investable asset, through the partnering of the companies MRB Vermögensverwaltungs AG (MRB) and GenTwo Digital. The portfolio is being made investable through an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). The AMC is Swiss-compliant security with Swiss ISIN code and fully bankable and transferable.

MRB and CV VC offer qualified investors, including institutional investors like asset managers, banks and corporates, as well as family offices, the opportunity to participate in its continuously growing portfolio. …

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

For decades, Switzerland has led rankings in competitiveness, intellectual property registrations, and a number of research and teaching institutions.

On a statistical note, Switzerland is ranked 4th in the number of Nobel Prize winners per capita. Information technology, computer science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry have a long and storied tradition in Switzerland’s academic institutions.

It is, therefore, no surprise that leading universities and research institutions in Crypto Valley are working on blockchain-related topics. In addition, several universities in applied sciences are providing continued professional study courses on the topic.

Research activities are largely centered around the cluster of ETH, EPFL…

Daniel Grossen (Copyright: Michael Stahl)

Daniel Grossen, you are one of the few Swiss Internet pioneers who did not move to Silicon Valley in the mid-1990s but stayed in Switzerland. Why is that?

When I founded my company in 1995, Silicon Valley was not yet in my focus and I really like living in Switzerland.

In 1994, I was employed by Digital Equipment Corporation, the second-largest IT company at the time. There I had my first contact with the Internet and saw that it could change a lot of business processes and models.

“Blockchain is a cross-sectional technology that can penetrate all industries and technologies.”

You built the largest online marketplace in Switzerland, the Scout 24 Group. How did you come up with the business idea?

As the responsible IT service provider for media companies, I knew the classic classified business very well and was convinced that this was exactly where the Internet could…


Verified digital identity: successfully completed its investment round of CHF2.5 million at the beginning of May. In addition to CV VC, a group of investors led by Aquila-Direkt, other experienced private investors are also investing in Vereign. Through Totemo AG, an attractive industrial partner has also invested in Vereign. Totemo will contribute to a strategic network expansion and provide another dynamic partner for growth in addition to the existing cooperation with IBM.

Proof of Impact

Traceable impact investing: currently raising a Seed II financing round with the goal of raising USD 2 million. CV VC is already invested in Proof of Impact from…

PwC, Swiss blockchain investment firm CV VC and Cointelegraph have released a report discussing the current blockchain ecosystem.

From Rachel Wolfson, Cointelegraph

Link to the Article on Cointelegraph

From enterprise blockchain adoption to the rise of decentralized finance, it seems like the blockchain landscape is constantly evolving in different ways. While impressive, it’s important to understand how blockchain is being applied within various industries. In order to highlight blockchain’s current global impact, a Swiss blockchain investment firm, CV VC, is releasing a new report together with Big Four firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland and Cointelegraph.

Titled “CV VC Global Report H1/2020,” this report provides a detailed overview of companies applying blockchain technology across eight different sectors, including art, crypto banking…


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